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The municipality of Parikkala obtained its current form in 2005. The new Parikkala was created by merging Parikkala, Saari and Uukuniemi. Parikkala is situated in the north-eastern corner of the Province of Southern Finland and is part of the region of South Karelia. Neighbouring municipalities are Ruokolahti, Rautjärvi, Savonlinna and Kitee.

Parikkala is a municipality of 5 509 inhabitants (as at 31st December 2013) on the eastern border of Finland, halfway between Savonlinna and Imatra. Both cities are 60 km away. The distance to Lake Ladoga is 40 km. The total surface area of Parikkala is 760,9 km²; water area is 167,7 km².

Parikkala has first-class rail connections, and the highway no 6 (Helsinki – Kajaani) runs through the municipality.

Parikkala is a good place to live in and to enjoy the easy-going Karelian lifestyle!


Income tax: 19,50%

Property taxes:
general tax rate 1,0%
permanent residential 0,5%
other residential 1,1%

Business structure of jobs in 2012:
agriculture, forestry and fishery 21%
processing industry 17%
services 60%
other 2%

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